Rašínova Spa And Relaxation Center

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Bazén 08:00 - 20:00 18:30 10 / 32
Wellness 10:00 - 20:00 18:30 3 / 38
Solárium 08:00 - 20:00 19:00 0 / 1
Posilovna 08:00 - 20:00 18:30 4 / 15
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(Po-Pá 8:00-15:30)

What To Do In Wellness

When in the wellness premises, we recommend to use sheets available at the ticket office. It is also advisable to have your own slippers. It is prohibited to wear swimwear in the sauna.

Each visitor starts his or her stay at the ticket office by paying the admission fee and a deposit (50 CZK) for the chip wristband. When exceeding the prepaid time of the stay, the amount due is paid by the visitor when leaving. The basic time of the stay is 1.5 hours including the time spent in the changing room.

Admission to the wellness area is only possible using the chip wristband, which the visitor uses to open the entrance door. It can also be used to read the time spent at the premises.

Sauna Rules

  • Avoid taking a sauna if you have been through excessive physical or mental strain, had a heavy meal or with an empty stomach. Taking a sauna is a great prevention of colds and viral infections but not a means of meadical treatment. Therefore, do not visit a sauna when undergoing viral infections and inflammatory diseases and also skip sauna sessions during menstrual periods and in pregnancy.
  • Before taking a sauna, we recommend to take off all your jewellery, which may become unpleasantly hot on the skin when taking a sauna.
  • Take a good shower and dry yourself thoroughly.
  • The time to be spent in the hot room differs individually and depends on your subjective sensation. The ideal time of your stay should range from 15 to 20 minutes. But if you start feeling uncomfortable, your ear aurcicles, nose tip, cheekbones or finger tips start to feel hot, if you have difficulty breathing, leave the sauna.
  • Place a cotton sheet or a towel underneath your entire body including the feet.
  • When in the hot room, you should preferably be lying down or sit with your feet on the same bench you are sitting on to keep your entire body at roughly the same temperature. Failing to do this may lead to headaches.
  • In the sauna process, you may carry out a self-massage using various massage tools (brushes, sponges).
  • Breathe both through your mouth and nose
  • Before entering the cold plunge pool, shower thorougly to wash off impurities.
  • Immerse yourself in the cold pool slowly and gradually. It is not advisable to jump into it abruptly.
  • When cooling yourself down you should go through several sensations. First, you will be cold. During this phase, sediments from the body are released into the bloodstream. In the second phase, you cease to feel cold and start to feel comfortable in the water.Try not to move much in the water. When you start feeling cold again, leave the cold pool.
  • Sit down in the relaxation room into a pleasant relaxation position (lying down) and rest for at least 20 minutes.
  • Keep taking in fluids all the time.
  • Repeat the whole procedure but not more than three times.

Water Intake

At the wellness premises you can ask the attending staff and choose some other drinks from the cooling box (Coke, Fanta, beer). The drinks are paid for using the chip wristband credit even during a one-time stay.

Boosting Your Health In A Sauna

Taking a sauna promotes blood circulation in the tissues, elimination of waste products from the body, improves thermoregulatory ability of the organism, destroys germs and viruses (thus boosting the body's resistance to colds). Sauna sessions will also boost you cardiovascular system, eliminate headaches, pain of joints and muscles and clear your respiratory tract. Also significant is the psychological effect of taking a sauna as it is a safe way to eliminate stress. You can visit our sauna all year round.

Although taking a sauna is beneficial, remember to take into consideration your health condition. If you have a heart condition, varicose vein problems, high blood pressure, you had better avoid the sauna. When in doubt whether your health condition is suitable for taking a sauna, consult your doctor first.

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