Rašínova Spa And Relaxation Center

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Personal Trainer

The gym offers the possibility of using a professional personal fitness workout trainer.

  • Correct performance of the exercises on specialized machines as well as body-weight workout
  • Firming up the body
  • Weight reduction focusing on problematic body parts
  • Gaining muscle mass
  • Preparation of the training plan and nutritional counselling
  • Possible competition preparation
  • Individual approach for everyone
  • All of the above under the supervision of a trainer with more than ten years of competitive experience

The personal trainer has to be reserved in advance.
Reservations and cancellations can be made by phone: 731 445 303.

The training price includes unlimited admission to the gym and (on weekends) a concessionary pool admission fee: 30 CZK for 1.5 hours.

Senior Citizen Exercising

MOTTO: „Stay active, live better and longer!“

Want to improve your health? Do you suffer from type 1 or 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases or osteoporosis? Do you have problems with the musculoskeletal system? We offer exercising under the supervision of a licensed trainer specialized in senior exercising and workout

The key to long and quality life is in sufficient physical activity. Suitably prepared and regularly followed exercise program provably brings these benefits:

  • lower occurrence of joint and muscle pain
  • lower occurrence of some diseases (hypertension, diabetes etc.)
  • improved mobility and balance
  • stronger bones
  • lower occurence of falls and serious health problems such as femoral neck fractures, vertebral fractures etc.
  • slower loss of muscle mass and muscular strength
  • lower likelyhood of developing obesity
  • possibility to consume higher amounts of natural food thus preventing shortages in intake of biologically valuable factors in the organism

It is necessary to reserve the exercising lessons in advance
Reservations and cancellations can be made by phone: 734 318 287 or by e-mail: strestik@starezsport.cz

Exercise Room Activties

The fitness gym zone also includes a 65 sq meter exercise room (gymnasium). It serves for rehabilitation exercising but individuals and groups also enjoy using it for aerobics, power yoga, Pilates exercises or exercises for senior or Total Body which is based on cardio exercises and strengthening. If you are interested in renting the exercise room either for a one-time event or for the entire year, contact us at: 605 055 410, or by e-mail: vejrostova@starezsport.cz

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