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Tanning Rules

1. Use solely cosmetics intended for sunbed tanning.

2. Before tanning on the sunbed, remove all applied cosmetics and, make-up, use no perfumes and take off all jewellery.

3. Make sure your skin does not get burned (should that happen, reduce your tanning time).

4. Observe the recommended tanning times (see tanning time table).

5. Use indoor tanning goggles intended for use in sunbeds.

6. To get an even suntan, turn around on the sunbed regularly. Tanning is reduced when the blood supply is limited in the body parts you lie on.

7. The recommended break between tanning sessions is 48 hours.

8. Recommended tanning doses:
a. Use shorter initial tanning times to prevent skin burning. Gradually increase the duration of tanning sessions after 2-3 initial visits.
b. Breaks between tanning session should be 48 hours.
c. Discontinue sessions for a week after 6-8 weeks of tanning to allow the skin to regenerate. The skin takes about 28 to 30 days to renew, so you need not worry about losing your suntan in the meantime.

9. Tanning is prohibited to people with burnt skin, suffering from allergies to UV radiation or diseases which do not allow exposure to UV radiation. It is not recommended to people after eye surgeries.

10. Children under 15 years of age and people of skin phototype 1 are not allowed to use the sunbed for tanning.

When Not To Tan On A Sunbed?

  • if you are pregnant
  • when on medication
  • if you wear a pacemaker
  • if you suffer from varicose veins
  • if you suffer from eczema or a rash


Recommended Tanning Times

session number / skin typeTYPE 2TYPE 3TYPE 4
1. tanning session
4 minutes 6 minutes 8 minutes
2. tanning session 4 minutes 8 minutes 10 minutes
3. tanning session 6 minutes 10 minutes 12 minutes
4. tanning session 8 minutes 10 minutes 12 minutes
5. tanning session 8 minutes 12 minutes 14 minutes
6. tanning session 10 minutes 14 minutes 16 minutes

The tanning times and the resulting suntan are different for each individual. Moreover, the skin sensitivity varies during the year and you should keep in mind that there may be no visible immediate result after just one or two tanning sessions.

Failure to observe the recommended tanning times and consequent skin burning may lead to early ageing. If you suffer from any skin conditions, we recommend to consult your dermatologist before taking any tanning sessions.

The total number of tanning sessions in one year should not exceed 50.

Skin Types

TYPE 1 (Celtic type - about 2% of the Czech population)

Skin: markedly light skin with freckels, tans with difficulty and is very prone to sunburns
Hair: usually has red or blond hair
Eyes: blue
This type virtually never gets a suntan and should not use the sunbed at all. This group also includes children.

TYPE 2 (European with lighter skin - about 12% of the Czech population)

Skin: is a little darker than type 1, freckled are rare and there is a significant proneness to sunburns (always turns red after tanning)
Hair: blond to light brown
Eyes: blue to grey, possibly also green colour

TYPE 3 (European with dark skin - about 78% of the Czech population)

Skin: this type has normal skin with virtually no freckles, usually tans well and is little prone to sunburns
Hair: is usually dark blond to brown
Eyes: are brown

TYPE 4 (Mediterranean type - about 8% of the Czech poplulation)

Skin: has swarthy skin with no freckles, tans very well and has virtually no proneness to sunburns
Hair: dark
Eyes: dark

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