Rašínova Spa And Relaxation Center

open to 20:00
  • Pools open
  • Fitness Gym open
  • Sunbed open
  • Wellness open 14:00-22:00
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533 033 800
(Po-Pá 8:00-15:30)

Indoor Pool 27,5°C27,5°C

The well known oval pool is 18 meters long and 7 meters wide. It is up to 2.20 m deep but its depth at the entrance side is only 0.60 m. Our pool is thus the ideal place to teach your children to swim or to do some relaxation swimming regardless of your age.  

Whirlpool Bath 36°C36°C

You can enjoy great relaxation in the whirlpool bath with a temperature of about 36 degrees. The whirlpool bath is launched at regular intervals twice every hour for 10 minutes. If the pool is rented, the whirlpool bath is not available to the public either

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